TIKA was founded in purpose to import premium products to Israel.
In addition to the quality of our products, our main focus is customer service as well.
The company focuses on making marketing and distribution processes more efficient, in order to give its customers and distributors the maximum.
Our motto is to run our business in the most dignified, decent, and professional way in order to please our customers
TIKA’s vision is to provide the best service possible to all our partners around the world, and to our customers in Israel, while maintaining our credibility and service at the highest possible level.


Wraps - Wristbend Headphones

WRAPS- Wear Your Sound
With Wraps Wristband Headphones wear your sound in style.
They don’t just look great, they sound great too!
Wearing headphones is not just about listening to music; It’s about how you look listening to music.
Whether they are on your wrist as a stylish and comfortable bracelet,or in your ears as great sounding headphones, Wraps guarantees to be a must have accessory that also finishes off any outfit perfectly.

Thinoptics - The reading glasses that are always with you

Never be without your reading glasses again!
They “stick anywhere…go everywhere” reading glasses!
Thinoptics – So thin, small and lightweight you can put them almost anywhere!
Sticks to your phone or fits in your wallet, purse, pocket, Smartphone Case for latest iPhone and Galaxy models and keychain case.
As thin as two credit cards and lighter than a nickel!
Flex-grip technology reading glasses , fit everyone!

Mobio -The smart way to use your smartphone & tablet in your car, in your office and more…

Stylish, cutting-edge, fast-paced, forward thinkers and doers; Mobio creates its products with you in mind. The goal is to provide a selection of products that allow you to convey your style and attitude through your mobile device. We want you to be able to tell people who you are, simply by holding a Mobio product in your hands.
Mobio products have a Lifetime Guarantee.