Thinoptics Replacement Keychain Case


Thinoptics-Never be without your reading glasses again!
Thinoptics Keychain Case Without Glasses
Thinoptics Glasses have a compact and foldable design. When not in use, the glasses remain in their included case.So thin, small and lightweight you can put them almost anywhere!
The Keychain Case makes finding your reading glasses simple. Now your glasses will go where you go and will be there whenever you need them. The unique design allows Thinoptics reading glasses to fold down and slide into the case to keep them safe and always within reach. the Universal Pod sticks to your phone or fits in your wallet, purse, pocket, and Smartphone Case for latest iPhone and Samsung models.
Flex-grip technology reading glasses fit everyone!



Polycarbonate frames. weigh less than a nickel, and are about as thick.

Thinoptics lenses are available in four strength ranges


-For orders placed in Israel over 79 NIS – Registered mail free of charge.
-For orders placed in Israel over 299 NIS – By courier free of charge.
-For orders placed in Israel under 299 NIS – Courier at extra charge of 40 NIS.
-For International orders over 198 NIS – Free Shipping.
-For International orders under 198 NIS – 40 NIS.


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