Thinoptics 2 Readers + Metal Universal Pod Case


The Metal Silver Pod Case sticks to your phone or fits in your wallet, purse, pocket.
Flex-grip technology reading glasses fit everyone!

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ThinOptics Readers and Pod Case
The ThinOptics Pod Case is the most popular and versatile way to carry ThinOptics Readers. It comes in an attractive matte or metallic finish and attaches to most any hard surface to keep your lightweight, flexible and durable. ThinOptics readers nearby. Give it a try get creative with the ways you can keep the world’s thinnest readers “Always With You.”
Will they fit my nose?
Noses come in all shapes and sizes, but ThinOptics readers have been designed to fit the vast majority. They can be positioned higher up or down the nose for a comfortable fit. We’ve tested hundreds of combinations of nose pad angles and widths over two years to arrive at the optimal design. On most noses, ThinOptics can be worn high up in front of the eyes, or low down so you can peer over it when not reading. Most people can find a location that is secure and comfortable.
Choose a frame color

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3. Choose a lens strength for your second pair

1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5

Choose a frame color for your second pair

אדום, כחול, סגול, שחור, שקוף

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