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The world’s thinnest reading glasses now have an anti-fog option to help you see clearly and comfortably, and include a complimentary locally-made mask.

Our complimentary mask is made of Three-ply, 100% cotton jersey fabric, contains antimicrobial silver and copper & has 100% cotton fabric against the face.

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Why Do My Reading glasses Fog Up?
Normally, when you exhale your warm breath escapes into the air. When you wear a mask, it forces your breath to escape through the top, causing condensation which fogs up your reading glasses. Our reading glasses are treated with an anti-fog coating which prevents this from happening.
Are they Comfortable?

Yep, they’re the world’s thinnest and lightest full-frame reading glasses. They’re so comfortable you might just forget you’re wearing them.

1. Choose a lens strength
Brooklyn Frame Color

Black, Blue, Brown, red, Tortoise, שקוף

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