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Thinoptics Readers + “1948” Universal Pod

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Gadi Fonte, the founder and CEO of Thinoptics, recently began incorporating his artistry and intricate designs into the brand’s product offerings.
“1948,” the second piece shown here, is a tribute to such detail-oriented art.
The design gives Thinoptics products an aesthetic look and provides a window to the broad imagination behind its creation and a personal touch.


Thinoptics Limited Edition - Readers + "1948" Universal Pod

The image strikingly captures the mixed emotions and complex reality surrounding the establishment of Israel in 1948. The geometric and fragmented composition reflects the turmoil and challenges faced during the nation’s founding, including conflicts and social integration issues. Central to the image, highlighted in red, is the year “1948,” symbolizing both the joy of independence and the weight of the ensuing struggles. The juxtaposition of celebratory elements like the wine glass against the backdrop of architectural and mechanical fragments underlines the simultaneous happiness and hardships. This artwork beautifully encapsulates the dual narrative of celebration and struggle that defined the creation of Israel.

Will they fit my nose?

Noses come in all shapes and sizes, but ThinOptics readers have been designed to fit the vast majority. They can be positioned higher up or down the nose for a comfortable fit. We’ve tested hundreds of combinations of nose pad angles and widths over two years to arrive at the optimal design. On most noses, ThinOptics can be worn high up in front of the eyes, or low down so you can peer over it when not reading. Most people can find a location that is secure and comfortable. 


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