S&S Whisky Tasting Coupon at the Whisky Bar & Museum


Proud to share that four special Single & Single bottles have landed at the Whiskey Bar Museum!
Want to buy but prefer to taste before, now you can buy a tasting coupon for the Tel Aviv  Whiskey Bar &  Museum at a special price and for a limited time!

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Single & Single is an independent bottler of delightfully rare, unbelievably unique whisky.
Conceived and founded by Yossi Schwartz, S&S expressions are not for everyone. Limited in nature, they appeal to those with an attuned taste for something different, something alluring, something remarkable.
S&S are pedantic about quality. S&S are incurably curious. And they are ardent believers in that indefinable, alchemical magic that makes miracles with three simple ingredients.

The Single & Single signature lies not in how S&S whiskies taste, but in how they make you feel. That’s said, S&S are uncompromising in what they seek out: cask strength, single cask, singularly exquisite, enticing, unusual and ideally aged.
They have an undying penchant for sherry-matured spirit, and are ardent admirers of Scotland’s established distilleries. But S&S does not limit their selves. Some of their whiskies have been heavily peated, others come from uncommon sources, and a few have been finished in experimental casks. S&S aim is to open minds, stimulate the senses and create memorable experiences, something one style of whisky could never do.

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